Lovetarot Single Reading Title

Card Reading

This Love Tarot reading is particularly for singles. Draw the cards and get advice, whether you search for commitment or just want to amuse yourself without restrictions.

At first you have to select what you want to know about your love life. Here is an overview, what the positions of the cards reveal.

A Wishing a partner

1. Why am I still single?

2. What might my future partner be like?

3. That's what I can do to meet him or her

4. That's what my future partner could do to get to know me

5. This might bring us together

6. What will only be revealed in future ...

B Wishing adventures

1. How can I meet interesting people?

2. This attitude may help me with flirting

3. What I can learn from my independent lifestyle

4. What I probably have to renounce as a single

5. How can I reach total self-fulfillment in love?

6. How can I still find true love?

C + D Back with the Ex

1 - 2. The first two cards always show you and then your ex

You want to be together again

3. how your chances are

4. what can prevent it from happening

5. the attitude that may work best

6. what you can do to be successful with your plan

Your old love wants you back

3. the common past, and what I should remember

4. this speaks against it

5. this speaks for it

6. a possible common future

E You are mine

1. this leads to passion

2. this causes misapprehensions

3. how I receive what I deserve

4. how I can take what I desire