Online tarot readings for singles. The love tarot shows ways to meet the dream partner and gives advice how to find true love. Two of the spreads deal with the expartner and try to see if he or she might come back again.

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The love tarot helps finding the great love. The cards offer all sorts of answers for singles. They look at reasons for being alone, at the desired partner or the ex. And they give their advice on how to find happiness.

These love tarot spreads for singles can be selected:

A. Wish for a Partner

1. Why am I still single?

These can be external reasons or also internal attitudes.

2. How could my future partner be?.

Who I wish for, who reality has in store for me, who fate has destined for me. .

3. This is what I can do to get to know him/her:.

What I can do and what increases my chances..

4. This is what he/she could do to get to know me:.

What my dream partner should do for our paths to cross or for me to be interested in him/her at all..

5. This could finally bring us together:.

The setting or events that make us come together..

6. Great love? What will only be revealed in the future ....

What may come true or perhaps just remain a dream..

B. Back with the Ex - I want Ex back

You want to be together with your old love again.

1. This is me..

2. This is my expartner..

3. Chances of getting my expartner back..

Maybe the former partner isn't really sure that the whole thing is a good idea. Who nevertheless believes in it, probably has to do some convincing. This card oracles how the chances are to be a couple again..

4. This prevents coming together again..

This could be people or events, one's own attitude or that of the ex-partner..

5. The setting which works best..

With this attitude, I could get what I long for..

6. What you can do consciously to be successful with your project..

This is how I should act to be together with my old love again..

C. Ex wants me back

Your old love wants you back..

1. This is me..

2. This is my expartner..

3. The common past, and what I should remember..

Something that was important in the relationship back then, a special event or an important experience..

4. This speaks against coming together..

Why it might not be such a good idea. The card shows arguments against it..

5. This speaks for being together again..

Why one should dare to try again. The position shows a reason to be together again..

6. How our future could look like..

How the relationship might look..

D. You are mine!

How to get what you want..

1. This brings enthusiasm.

At this place is a tip how to impress the partner or crush and stimulate his/her interest or enthusiasm..

2. How misunderstandings arise.

Here, deceptions and illusions are played with. The truth recedes into the background, is whitewashed, bent or deliberately distorted. It is possible that both parties do not clearly express what they really want. Or someone perceives only what he or she wants to see. This position gives a hint on how best to deal with it..

3. This way I receive what I deserve.

The passive way to make a love wish come true. And without doing too much to make it happen. Of course, in this way everything is no longer in your own hands..

4. This way I can take what I want.

Love may not be forced, but you can actively reach for it. If something is tried repeatedly and convincingly enough, everything will probably be as desired at some point..

E. Cupids Counsel

Draw a card and get a tip from Cupid.

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