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Card Reading

Six tarot cards give a divination for the whole month. They take a look at chances and stumbling blocks, at obvious incidents and hidden influences. The reading covers the time before as well as the upcoming.

This decks/topics can be selected:

  • 1. Psychic Tarot

  • The 78 cards of the major and minor arcana.
  • 2. Lovetarot

  • For a view on emotions, relationships and romance.
  • 3. World of Myths

  • Designs and symbols from a mystical fairytale world - with useful interpretations for real life.
  • 4. Angel Tarot

  • A benevolent exegesis. It's ideal is the clarity and the helpfulness of the angels.

What the particular positions of the cards mean:

  • 1. The time before

  • What I take along from the old month. This spot looks at the short term past. It shows the history of the current time and illustrates, what still may be of certain importance.
  • 2. Chances

  • What kind of possibilities are growing. Are there things, that shouldn't be missed? Are some attitudes or manners advantageous for me - or maybe simply the right thing to do?
  • 3. Risks

  • Are there maybe snares, dangers and risks I can avoid? Is there a chance that I drop a brick or do something I regret in this month?
  • 4. Aware

  • What this card shows, becomes noticeable in the next time. It will probably be realized consciously.
  • 5. Unknowingly

  • What is shown here, takes place in secrecy. It is about effects and events, that are not noticed directly. This can be something in the inside. Or it is happening hidden in the real world.
  • 6. Outlook

  • The near future. What is about to happen in the next time? What am I moving towards? This can be something relevant at the end of the month or even a while longer.