Six tarot cards take a look at the entire month. They point out opportunities and hurdles, obvious events and hidden influences. The reading takes into account what came before and what will come after.

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What the various positions mean:

1. The time before

What do I carry with me from the old month? This passage looks at the short-term past, which is almost still the present. It shows the background to the current time and illustrates what still exerts a certain influence.

2. Opportunities

What new opportunities are emerging? What should I not miss out on? Are there attitudes and behaviors that bring me advantages or are simply good and right?

3. Risks

What dangers and risks should I avoid? Maybe there are pitfalls waiting to happen.

4. Aware

What is shown at this position is directly noticeable. One will probably consciously perceive and feel it.

5. Unknowingly

What is shown here takes place behind the scenes. It is about influences and events that are not immediately apparent and may slip by. This can be something that takes place in the depths of the own consciousness or in the outside world - but without really getting noticed.

6. Forecast

The near future. What will happen in the coming time. What I am heading towards and what will play a role at the end of the month or afterwards.

How a spread could look like

1. Four of Cups

A life phase of emotional security lies behind you and is still important.

2. Two of Pentacles

There are noticeable changes in the professional and financial area. Above all, this results in new opportunities that should now be taken advantage of.

3. Seven of Wands

One is driven by too much ambition as well as pressure to perform and attempts the impossible, which is likely to lead to failure.

4. The Hermit

A strong desire for solitude and silence comes into your consciousness. You want to go within to gain new insights and find yourself.

5. Six of Cups

Basically, you just want to be happy and enjoy life. This can happen in many ways, such as through romantic experiences or simply indulging in the moment without worries.

6. The High Priest

Esoteric truths and the search for meaning will gain influence during the month and will also characterize the time afterwards.

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