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This tarot reading answers questions with counter questions. And it aims at the mystical secrets of esoteric lore.
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A mystical path that brings fulfillment, illumination and wisdom. The major arcana of the tarot can be seen as such a journey.

In this reading, the cards give not regular answers. They ask new questions. Their aim is to give inspiration, which may lead to the mentioned growth path.

  • Interpretations - Mystic Tarot
  • 0 - The Child
  • Is there a higher protection for the tenderfoots and innocent?
  • 1 - The Magician
  • Are there powers above the common imagination?
  • 2 - The Psychic
  • Will a mediumistic gifted person foretell me the future?
  • 3 - The Empress
  • Is it female wisdom, that brings me forward, right now?
  • 4 - The Emperor
  • Is it a wish for lordship and power, that brings me closer to my aims?
  • 5 - The Priest
  • Can I find esoteric wisdom in forgotten lore and ancient religions?
  • 6 - The Lovers
  • Does spiritual love foster the awakening of my psychic powers?
  • 7 - The Chariot
  • Is my path a hero's journey, that leads me to growth and fulfillment?
  • 8 - Justice
  • Is there a perfect balance between wishful thinking and reality?
  • 9 - The Hermit
  • Does a life in peace and quiet let me focus on what really is essential?
  • 10 - Fortune
  • Can I control fate by making the right decisions?
  • 11 - Strength
  • Should I unleash my raw archaic powers and fulfill my desires?
  • 12 - The Hanged Man
  • Does something up there protect me, when I abandon myself to my fate?
  • 13 - Death
  • Should I wipe the slate clean and start new or do I give up too soon?
  • 14 - Temperance
  • Does the solution lie in finding the right ingredients in the right proportion?
  • 15 - Devil
  • Is there a deeper secret behind the labels GOOD and BAD?
  • 16 - The Tower
  • Does destruction sometimes clear the way for something bigger and greater?
  • 17 - The Star
  • Does something up there in the universe like me?
  • 18 - The Moon
  • What is to explore in the undiscovered parts of my consciousness?
  • 19 - The Sun
  • Can I find illumination by unraveling the last secrets of being?
  • 20 - Utopia
  • What is waiting for me, when I cross the doors of perception?
  • 21 - The World
  • Is life an endless loop, that ascends step by step to a higher level?