Mystical Day - Title

How is my day going to be? The Tarot gives a fabulous glimpse.
Please touch the tarot cards to start the reading.

Mystical Day

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Mystical Day

Draw a daily card from the Tarot of Myths. Receive a glimpse or an idea of the near future - from a fabulous deck full of magic and fairytales.

  • Tarot Interpretations - Mystical Day
  • 0 - Daimon
  • Today you are able to let out your original personality without inhibitions. And you shouldn't worry too much, what others are thinking of you.
  • 1 - Magic
  • On this day you might be ablte to harmonize your emotions and your mind. This can unleash hidden mental abilities.
  • 2 - Sorceress
  • The course of your destiny will be set, very soon. You might foresee your future. Maybe even a prophecy gets fulfilled.
  • 3 - Empress
  • Wisdom and leadership are needed today. Decisions have to be made. The person who decides can be you - or someone else will make this choice.
  • 4 - Emperor
  • In the near future, you will possibly have to defend your property or your influence. But you may also get the chance to expand your power or your wealth.
  • 5 - Magus
  • Forgotten lore from the past can help you now, in the present. You can find answers and ideas to solve problems or to reach you personal goals.
  • 6 - Lovers
  • Emotional powers are affecting you. They unite opposites, touch your heart and fill it with love.
  • 7 - Chariot
  • Something powerful helps you accomplishing your aims and achieving something great. Especially, if you are open-minded and show some courage.
  • 8 - Reality
  • You are probably going to experience, how it feels to dirty your hands. And you will see, that ideals are not always compatible with real life.
  • 9 - Solitude
  • Today you might feel a bit lonely. But this does not urgently have to be a problem. Maybe you can enjoy quiet and silence - and find some recreation.
  • 10 - Destiny
  • Fortune should be on your side, on this day. An unexpected foreordination of destiny might fulfill one of your wishes or show you the best way to something you want.
  • 11 - Strength
  • Strong energies are about to bring you growth and help you fulfilling your desires. Especially if you manage to unite your willpower and your eagerness.
  • 12 - The Hanged
  • Not everything lies in your hand, on this day. Others intend to make decisions for you. Or maybe you are the one who takes control over them.
  • 13 - Death
  • Today, you have the chance to wipe the slate clean. This can lead to a fascinating new beginning, fresh energies and an optimistic awareness.
  • 14 - Temperance
  • You can make big steps towards a big goal. Especially if you apply all your knowledge and your abilities.
  • 15 - Devil
  • Dark thoughts or moods might affect your inner condition. They can come from another person or have their source in yourself.
  • 16 - Tower
  • An aloof power is probably about to impose something upon you. Maybe decisions are made above your head, and they are not necessarily in your best interest.
  • 17 - Star
  • Today you might get in contact with something from another world. It can give you answers and new hope. Or show you the way, in case you have lost it.
  • 18 - Moon
  • The borders between dream and reality are about to dissolve, soon. Arcane things will happen and not everything can be explained by reason that easy.
  • 19 - Sun
  • You have a positive and optimistic view on life, on this day. In case you fall, something will probably help you up. And if you do fine, you might do even better.
  • 20 - Aeon
  • Your world might change. A new and mysterious future is coming, right now. But maybe you have to explain yourself for your past, first.
  • 21 - Universe
  • Soon you will become aware, that there is no end, but only new beginnings. Life is infinite and nothing gets lost forever.