Use tarot cards to reflect on your love relationship. What do both partners want? What feelings come up? Consult the relationship spread online for a better understanding of your partner and yourself.

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Tarot Relationship Spread Title
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Tarot relationship spread - Drawing cards and looking at the partnership

Read the relationship tarot online and free with a deck of your choice. Available are the tarot of the Psychic Crystal Ball and the Love Tarot.

Seven cards deal with the relationship and compare both partners. It is about desires, feelings and the role that both have.

What the different positions mean:

1. The relationship

Here, the partnership as a whole is represented or something that is currently playing a role. This could be a pending decision or a problem, for example.

Assuming that the Fool would lie at this position, it would indicate a still young connection, big cluelessness, a new beginning or new experiences.

2. What I want

The card shows the own wishes, hopes and goals and gives an indication of what is really behind them or how to achieve the desired.

If the Lovers would be shown here, it probably means that one longs for more affection and romance. Perhaps one also hopes that the togetherness will become deeper.

3. The wishes of the partner

These are secret desires or completely obvious ones. It can be about something mundane and practical, but also about something romantic and passionate.

If the Star is seen here, this can be interpreted as a desire for more distance. But also as something mystical and almost unattainable, which either still has to be sought or has already been found. Under certain circumstances, an unrealistic ideal is pointed out.

4. My feelings

What I feel for my better half. At this point, fears, affronts, desires, my jealousy or amorousness could be shown.

If the Moon would be shown here, it could mean ambiguity about my own feelings. Or something subconscious that comes to the surface.

5. My partner's feelings

The position points at something that is going on under the surface and of which one may have no idea. But likewise, it could be a reminder of something that has already been talked about.

If the tarot shows the Hanged Man at this position, it wants to express that the better half just lets herself fall and has great confidence in me. However, under some circumstances it may warn that she (or he) feels abandoned and helpless, and perhaps also that she (or he) cannot find a solution on her own at the moment.

6. My role

What do people expect from me? The card takes a look at my outward appearance. It represents other people's opinions of me and judges me according to the values of society or the views of friends, colleagues and family.

If the Emperor appears at this point, it would be an indication that it is primarily me who makes the decisions and takes the lead in the eyes of others. At least they consider me to be the pragmatic character who has a better grasp of reality.

7. The role of my partner

The opinion that others have of him or her. It is also about visible duties within the love relationship or the appearance in public.

If the Devil appears here, others might think I am being seduced into something that is not necessarily good for me. Perhaps they consider that I am at least disadvantaged in some way, if not even cheated. Or they see a certain downside for themselves because they envy our togetherness.

How to do a relationship reading?

Basically, this reading is a kind of relationship oracle, or at least can be seen as that. Most positions look at one of the partners and are interpreted together with the card that is placed on them. The reason why it was dropped on their particular spot could be coincidence, magic or fate. The answers that are received are those of an oracle.

However, you can also take away any mysticism from the spread and direct your attention to the intellectual examination of the partnership. It is only secondary which tarot card is located where. Decisive are the own thoughts and reflections during the reading. They can give answers or come up with solutions.

The tarot reading can be used in many ways according to one's own wishes. Of course, you can also adapt the individual positions to your personal questions and needs, just like the interpretation of the tarot cards. In addition, the user decides whether the statements of the relationship spread are more oracle and prophecy or assistance to find answers by oneself.

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