Tarot Relationship Spread Title

Card Reading

The tarot takes a look at a relationship. It shows both partners and compares their point of views, hopes and plans. This card spread is for people in a partnership. But as a single you can also benefit from the reading, if you already have someone in mind.

What the seven positions of the spread are about:

  • 1. The relationship

  • The partnership and the recent situation. The card stands for the actual life phase. It can also show a problem or an important topic.
  • 2. What I want

  • My wishes and aims. They can be emotional as well as rational. This position can be about plans, personal targets or secret desires, for example.
  • 3. What my partner desires

  • - like the card before -
  • 4. My emotions

  • My feelings and my happiness in the relationship. Sometimes the card can also show fears or sorrows. Or both positive and negative emotions.
  • 5. Feelings of my partner

  • - like the position before -
  • 6. My role

  • My duties, burdens or personal tasks. What things am I responsible for? What expectations do I have to fulfill? Or does destiny want me to learn something?
  • 7. Role of my partner

  • - similar to the position before -