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Videos for an expanded mind - live in the moment and grow

Explore your consciousness and work on your personality. Find relaxation and inner growth. Be happy and live in the moment.

The videos presented here focus on the awareness and human perception. They support mental practices, meditation or recreation in multifold ways. You can use them for stress relief, spiritual advancement or just for fun.

Most of them contain visuals full of colors and effects. They come with relaxing electric music and other ambient sounds, which are often combined with Binaural Beats.

What are Binaural Beats?

They are only existing in our perception. Simply said, they are generated by two slightly divergent sound channels. Each ear has to hear a different channel. In combination, one experiences a fast pulse, that influences the current state of mind. Some frequencies help learning or focusing on a subject, while others are supporting sleep, deep relaxation or a shamanistic trance. In general, one can say, that frequencies under 10 Hz or 12 Hz help calming down, while higher rates stimulate the cognition and the ability to center your mind.