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How do I draw angel cards?

The readings offer celestial support for life on this earth. The possible uses are manifold. They range from drawing a daily card to decision support or self-discovery. They can be about love, about the future or about something else.

What to consider:

Drawing an angel card does not show an unchangeable fate, but ways to deal with life situations.

Listen within to what the card triggers in you. What thoughts and emotions arise in your mind?

Each card has several meanings, which can be read in detail on this website.

What are angel cards?

Their purpose is to convey messages. Thus, they offer advice and help in various life situations. But even with these cards, the key of knowledge lies in oneself.

The angel cards of the Psychic Crystal Ball follow a wise spirit. They find their origin in sacred writings. These are considered by many people as a source of white magic. All 34 cards originate from mentions and stories in scriptures. In them, the celestial messengers help from distress, bring hearts together or warn of danger.

How to work with the cards?

To use angel cards you do not need any special skills or instructions. Our readings are clear and easy to use. Just ask a question and draw one or more cards.

Angel cards are a great way to get in touch with your inner divine power. The messages on the cards can give you orientation and help you find your way through difficult times.

How can angel cards help me with love?

Angel cards can help you connect with your intuition, which can be very supportive when it comes to matters of the heart.

One way to use angel cards for love is to draw one each day and then reflect on that message. This can help you to receive guidance for all relationships in your life, whether they are new, old or changing. You can also ask your angels for help to manifest certain types of love in your life, such as a romance or even an unconditional love.

Possible questions

  • How do I attract love into my life?
  • What is my message for the day?
  • What can I do to make my wishes come true?
  • How do I increase my chances?
  • What indications are there for my path in life?
  • How can I find comfort?
  • How do I attract happiness into my life?

How to use the cards?

There is no one right way. Some people randomly ask questions and read the hints, while others draw one card for a specific question or problem they are facing.

A simple way is to draw a card every morning and get a message for the day. So you slowly get a feel for the cards and their interpretations.

The principle of angels

There are archangels who are primarily concerned with the concerns of God as well as the whole of humanity, and guardian angels who are directly concerned with the welfare as well as the safety of individuals.

Support for life in the here and now

Angels stand for purity and goodness. They want only the best for people, protect them, solve problems and show the way. The magic they work is bright and benevolent.

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