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Support for life in the here and now

Angels stand for what is pure and good. They only want the best for people, protect them, solve problems and show us the right way. Their magic is clear and benevolent.

The readings here offer celestial help for life on this earth. Their possibilities are very multifaceted. They range from giving advice for the present to looking into the future, from helping to make decisions to finding yourself. No matter if the topic is love, success or any other area of life.

The principle of the cards

The cards follow a luminous spirit. They find their origin in sacred writings. They are considered by many people to be a source of white magic. All cards originate from mentions and stories from ancient legends, where the divine messengers help in emergencies, bring hearts together or warn of dangers.

There are archangels, who are primarily concerned with the interests of God and of all mankind, and guardian angels, who are directly concerned with the well-being and safety of individuals. The environment of biblical stories is archaic and usually much rougher than our reality. The dangers for body and soul are correspondingly great. Sometimes the divine helpers appear to warn of a wrong path or an evil. In other cases they deliver the will of God in the form of a message.