Illustrated angelic sayings on images and as text. Wisdoms for reflection for special occasions, as encouragement, for comfort, hope for protection from guardian angels, as support ... - for every day.

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Angel sayings on pictures

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Angel sayings in text form

An angel brings you happiness and lets you enjoy every moment.

When an angel promises you something, it will come true as certainly as the stars shine.

An angel speaks a prayer for you, so that hope lives with you.

At a cosmic opera ball, celestial beings are praising the beauty of space.

An angel sends you a taste of falling in love and shows you that there waits endless romance in this world.

Nobody knows how it sounds when an angel sings.

On a dark place, in a sinister room, a white robed angel is coming for help.

I dare to look into the future and consult an oracleof wisdom.

A foreboding tells me what might happen and warns me of a threat.

At a sinister place, in a dark night, an angel keeps his lonely watch.

Even an angel enjoys earth when it looks like paradise.

At a fountain, in the forest between trees, an angel in white appeared to me.

In dark times, there are angels who walk with us.

I will always be here and guide you.

If you once forget the trail, a being of light will guide.

Celestial beings read the future in the stardust.

Every single day of the year an angel protects me from danger.

You never know when an angel is helping you with his magic.

Even on the edge of infinity an angel is waiting there to help.

When angels are on your side, you are in the right places at the right times.

An angel invites to a dance, and the sky shines in a new glance.

An angel has initiated me into the secrets of the old ages.

An invisible hand once gave me new strength and a new life.

When the severity of the world oppresses you, an angel provides with some earthly happiness.

An angel looks for me into the stars and shows me a future that I would like very much.

An angel has shown me the way of destiny in the course of the ages.

If you ever drift to the edge of the world, an angel makes sure you don't fall.

If an angel appears on your way, a hand of protection covers your journey.

If you can no longer see where you are, an angel comes to show you the way in the dark.

An angel travels through space and time to appear in one of your dreams.

There is a light watching over me, even though it does never speak.

Think that for naive, but an angel hopes that someone certain, falls in love with me.

Something up there gave me hope and guided my way to the light.

A higher power guides my path and makes me feel that someone stands behind me.

In mystical spaces, celestial beings speak words of solace.

My guardian angel made it clear to me not to go one step further.

Someone shared the knowledge with me, that there is more than earthly transience.

All is fine. I am standing by your side.

Up in the sky there is a light that offers new hope.

An angel helps me through a difficult time and makes sure that I get by.

I trust my angel, because he is always there.

Every Christmas I fulfil wishes.

One silent night, an angel brought me a light.

If you fall, I will catch you.

Sometimes sad moments are the first step to happiness.

Give me your hand, together we will face all odds.

Even if it seems as if everything is turning against you. I will stand by your side.

Do not give up. We will find a way.

An angel blocked my path and warned me to go further.

A gate opens from other times, and an angel of hope arises.

In the darkest night, an angel will guard you with his light.

In a dream an angel gives me his hand and takes me away to a wonderland.

Don't be afraid. Give me your hand. An invisible bond unites us.

Do you feel a great fear on your way? I will take care that you reach your aim.

When I met my guardian angel in a dream, I found a safe haven to sleep.