Free Oracle Reading


The ancient Greeks and romans did it, the Vikings and also the people of our times. The oracle is still a popular way to get answers from higher powers. It has various forms of appearance and cultural backgrounds. It can be antique or modern, Asian or Occidental, superficial or sagacious. However, in most cases its aim is to reveal secrets and other unknown things. And sometimes it is even aligned to lead the questioner to his or her higher self.

Predictions from your fate

  • Yes No Oracle

  • Can't decide whether it is a Yes or a No? Destiny can give you an answer.
  • Fortune Teller

  • Take a glimpse of the future and get a foretelling.
  • Witchboard

  • Ulterior powers give answers from the other side.
  • Coin Flip

  • This simple online tool helps with decisions and self-reflection.
  • Kaleidoscope Signs

  • Rotating kaleidoscopes inspire to affirmations and positive thoughts.
  • Crystal Ball Gazing

  • Watch into a crystal ball and foresee signs of the upcoming time.
  • The Ancient Oracle

  • Wisdoms and everlasting lore from a divine and philosophical world.
  • Coffee Cup Reading

  • See the future and the hidden truth in coffee grounds.
  • Nostalgiamantic

  • Which things from the past come back to influence the present?
  • Daily Prophecy

  • Has this day something special in store for me?
  • Lucky Pig

  • Do you wish more luck? Defeat the pig in a game.
  • Aquarius Augury

  • Dive deep into the ocean of perception and receive inspirations from a prospective aeon.
  • Baby Name Generator

  • A random name for a boy or a girl.
  • Runes of Wisdom

  • Nordic runes take a look at the present and predict the future.
  • Wish Divination

  • You have three wishes free! Choose wisely.
  • Free Psychic Test

  • Train your psychic abilities and find out, if you have special gifts.
  • Clairvoyant Psychic Readings

  • A perceptive look at the unknown. Where does my journey lead?