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What we offer

Ask the oracles and receive free answers. Online available are unique oracle games like a yes or no, a witch board, a seer and many more. Be part of an ancient ritual and experience the world of prophecy.

Why ask oracles?

For thousands of years, questions have been asked to fate or the gods. Ancient China gave us the I Ching and in classical Greece the most famous oracle place, Delphi, was created, which had been visited even by Alexander the Great.

The priestesses, occultists and prophets were often said to have great knowledge or even magical powers. Their eyes did not miss the weaknesses of the questioner's character, nor possibilities to help them becoming a better person. According to legends, the prophecies are said to come directly from the gods (lat. oraculum - the divine saying) and to be a sign from heaven.

The incomparable online oracles of the psychic crystal ball give advice on many decisions and show a possible future. You can ask them just for fun or use them seriously for finding the truth and for your own development.

The mantic shows many of its faces. Especially in our esoterically open-minded world, arts such as palmistry or the interpretation of dreams are no longer secret knowledge. The internet provides insights of different methods. The world of prophecy and clairvoyance is complex and colorful. The category here helps entering and exploring this mystical world.