Unravel the unknown and get enigmatic answers with the help of cartomancy. A selection of various decks offers multifaceted advice and suggestions - or sometimes maybe even a psychic gaze into the future.

The interpretation of the cards depends from the topic and the questions they have to answer. Sometimes the readings are about love, another time about inner growth and self-realization.

Online Card Readings

  • Lenormand

  • Foretelling with the cards of the famous psychic Madame Lenormand. The flowery spirituality of the Victorian epoch touches modern reality.
  • Oracle Cards

  • Eclectic prophecies from an oracle representing the five magical elements.
  • Fairyland Cards

  • Ask magical fairy cards and get answers for the real world.
  • Chimericards

  • A deck from a fantasy world full of illuminating beauty and intangible dangers gives answers and predictions.
  • Astrocards

  • Occidental and Chinese zodiac signs divine the future.
  • Mystical Signs

  • Answers from magical symbols and alchemistic paraphernalia.
  • Dreamancy

  • Dream interpretation meets cartomancy.
  • Roses and Tears

  • What is important for my heart? And what might be painful or dangerous?
  • Esocards

  • Suggestions from esoteric symbols.
  • Funmancy

  • Free psychic card reading - just for fun.
  • Witch Cards

  • A coven with 27 individual witch characters helps evoking hidden powers and prophesy the unknown.
  • Yes or No with Divination Cards

  • A selection of spreads for decisions between yes and no. With an optional glimpse into the future and deck of your choice.