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Free cartomancy without registration using the fortune telling cards of the Psychic Crystal Ball. Choose between Lenormand, Witch, Fairy cards ...

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What we offer

Online and free card reading with the unique decks of the Psychic Crystal Ball. Dive into a colorful world of divination decks full of fairies, witches and dreams. Use oracle cards like the unforgettable Lenormand.

Meaning and purpose - why consult the cards

Card reading comes from ancient traditions. The gypsies probably did it, and certainly French and Italian card readers. It began with playing cards that gave clues to the heart or material success, and led to a huge range of decks with diverse designs and structures.

Is card reading true?

The cards always show only a snapshot of a possible future. This does not represent an absolute truth, but invites the card reader to reflect on the images and symbols.

What does the card evoke in me? What images emerge within me?

It's about love, money, the fulfillment of wishes, the achievement of goals or self-awareness.

The cards give answers that are already hidden in the inner self. They give assistance and draw different scenarios to paint a picture of what you can face, what should be considered, what is important.

Only by this mental analysis the cards develop their magic and the user recognizes possible answers or solutions. He or she then decides which of these paths is the right one at that moment.

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