Free Tarot Reading


Free Tarot Readings

Draw tarot cards and get psychic answers - for the present and the future. Take a magical look at the things, that matter in your life.

Use the wisdom of the major and minor arcana to reveal the truth and foretell the future. The cards are interpreted in subject to the area of life or the question, the selected reading is examining.

This can be for example:

  • help with decisions
  • advice in matters of love
  • support of the personal development

A selection of different decks and constructions shows various faces of the tarot. Sometimes it is about spiritual wisdom, sometimes about romance or even simple fun. However, they all have one common origin, despite their manifold appearance. It is the old divination method, which has arisen in the era of the renaissance and found its way into endless escritoires, bookshelves and even the internet.

Tarot cards reading online

  • Love Tarot

  • Romantic cards focus on love and answer various questions of the heart.
  • Tarot of Darkness

  • Sinister and demonic card designs with fathomless interpretations expand the psychic horizon.
  • Yes No Tarot

  • Help with decisions. What happens in case of a Yes or a No?
  • Horoscope Tarot

  • A cosmic prediction of the future. Tarot meets horoscopes.
  • Mystic Tarot

  • Cryptic answers in form of questions provoke thoughts full of mystical deepness.
  • Dream Tarot

  • This reading is influenced by the interpretation of dreams.
  • Tarot of Temptations

  • The temptations of the upcoming time - and how one can handle them.
  • Elements Tarot

  • Which magical element influences my future?
  • Esoteric Tarot

  • Draw a card and come to eclectic ideas or spiritual thoughts.
  • Chances and Risks

  • Evaluate a situation. What are my opportunities and where are the risks?
  • Funtarot

  • An ironic and funny view on the major arcana.
  • Angel Tarot

  • Affirmations full of hope and faith.
  • Tarot of Myths

  • Impressions from a world full of myths and sagas. Draw the magic of this fairytale realm into our reality.