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Draw tarot cards and get psychic answers - for the present, the past and the future. Take a magical look at the things that matter in your life.

Use the wisdom of the major and minor arcana to reveal the truth and foretell the future. A selection of online decks are free to use in a lot of tarot card spreads. They focus on general questions as well as love or the career.

Irrespective of the selected spread, the readings can be used in various ways:

Sometimes it is about spiritual wisdom, sometimes about romance or exploring the development of your life. Or you just want to experience some free reading, entirely without any purpose.

The designs show various faces and tonalities, from fantasy worlds or even the hell to modern life. Despite their diverse appearance, the different sets all have one common origin. It is the old divination method, which has arisen in the times of the renaissance and found its way into endless escritoires, bookshelves and even the internet.

Tarot cards reading online