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Draw tarot cards and get psychic answers - for the present, the past and the future. Take a magical look at the things that matter in your life.

Use the wisdom of the major and minor arcana to reveal the truth and foretell the future. A selection of online decks are free to use in a lot of tarot card spreads. They focus on general questions as well as love or the career.

Irrespective of the selected spread, the readings can be used in various ways:

  • help with specific decisions
  • playing through possible situations that may come
  • support of the personal evolvement
  • exploring your free thoughts

Sometimes it is about spiritual wisdom, sometimes about romance or exploring the development of your life. Or you just want to experience some free reading, entirely without any purpose.

The designs show various faces and tonalities, from fantasy worlds or even the hell to modern life. Despite their diverse appearance, the different sets all have one common origin. It is the old divination method, which has arisen in the times of the renaissance and found its way into endless escritoires, bookshelves and even the internet.

Tarot cards reading online

  • Love Tarot

  • A romantic imagery is focusing on love and answers many questions of the heart. For singles and relationships, for romantic hopes and passionate moments.
  • Relationship Spread

  • Learn more about your partnership. Draw seven cards and compare your feelings, targets and hopes with the person you fell in love with.
  • Yes No

  • Draw cards for Yes and for No. They show, what can happen in both cases. This spread can be of help, when choices have to be made.
  • Horoscope Tarot

  • A cosmic prediction of the future. Tarot meets horoscopes. The first card is drawn from the major arcana and stands for a planet. The second one comes from the minor arcana and shows the kind of sign, the planet is visiting. Both represent an astrological constellation and give a correspondent divination.
  • Mystic Suggestions

  • Cryptic answers in form of questions provoke thoughts full of mystical deepness.
  • Messages from Dreams

  • This reading is influenced by the interpretation of dreams.
  • Controlling Temptations

  • The seduction of the upcoming time - and how one can handle them.
  • Four Elements

  • Which magical spirit influences my future?
  • Esoteric Inspirations

  • Eclectic ideas and spiritual thoughts.
  • Chances and Risks

  • Evaluate a situation. What are my opportunities and where are the risks?
  • Just for fun

  • An ironic and funny view on the major arcana.
  • Angel Tarot

  • Predictions full of love and faith. The major arcana is interpreted in a benevolent and celestial way. Some of the angels appear biblical and ancient, while others look modern and fashionable. Some might be dark, but most of them live in the light.
  • Tarot of Myths

  • Impressions from a world full of myths and sagas. Draw the power of this fairytale realm into our reality - and try to use its magic for your purposes.
  • Daily Tarot Card Reading

  • A prediction for the day with a deck of your choice. Various spreads can be selected. You can draw a single card, receive a calculated answer for the recent date or choose between different predictions for the very next time.
  • The Cross

  • Five cards give answers in love matters or about the personal success. They show, what is in the focus, what fosters my aims and what is holding me back.
  • Celtic Annual Reading

  • Draw eight cards, arranged after the Celtic wheel of the year. Every position stands for a feast and also a certain period of time.
  • Monthly Reading Tarot

  • A broad view on the recent month reveals chances and risks. It shows, what I already know, and what I don't. At the end comes a foresight at the time after.