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Kipper Cards Title

Card Reading

The Kipper cards are a divination deck and perfectly suitable for questions concerning the personal life. It contains 36 cards and depicts a particularly large number of personality types.

Quite often, reading the Kipper deck results in clues that are amazingly relevant to one's own situation in life. It is almost as if an invisible hand has chosen just this one result to communicate, to draw attention to something or to reveal something about the time ahead.

Which reading should it be?

Choose between five different spreads and get answers about love, the future or your whole life.

Kipper Daily Card

Pick a card and get a hint for today or tomorrow.

Kipper Oracle

1. Past

Something from the past that gains importance again. It has to do with the question or with the recent life situation.

2. Present

The current point where one stands. The current phase of life.

3. Near future

What may soon be reality? This card looks mainly at the next few months.

4. Far future

The exact moment can be anytime. In a year or even much later. What is waiting for me then?

Yes or No with Kipper Cards

1. Yes

If I decide for yes and against no, what could be the short- and long-term consequences?

2. No

3. Maybe

When you can't or don't want to decide yet. When you prefer to let yourself drift and trust in fate. When you want to postpone everything.

4. Neither ... Nor

What if I try to go a third way? If one finds or strives for a solution that offers more diverse options than a simple either / or.

Divination of the Future

The cards look into the future, from the present point to far away periods of time. What will happen then? Under which star stand these milestones and phases of life?

1. next days

2. next weeks

3. next months

4. next years

Questions about Money

1. How do I make money?

Where and in what way can income be generated through appropriate performance in return.

2. From what do I lose money?

The card shows where people are losing money by not taking advantage of opportunities. It also points to major shrinkage and theft and bad investments.

3. How to save money?

The position points out what costs unnecessarily much, where funds are wasted, where one could spend less.

4. How do I get money with ease?

Opportunities to generate revenue or simply acquire something of value without much risk, effort or expense. The money is given to one in an almost mystical way.

How to read Kipper cards?

Apart from the motifs used, the interpretations and combinations deal with the big and small questions of real life. The focus is on men and women, marriage and romance, money, or even traveling to faraway countries.

Here are a few suggestions on how to understand the various illustrations. But as usual when reading fortune telling cards, ultimately each person decides often spontaneously how the results are understood and which truths come from it.

Meaning of the Kipper cards
  • 1. Man
  • myself
  • it is about a man
  • male strength
  • A man will play an important role. He has an impact on your actions and your thoughts.
  • 2. Woman
  • myself
  • it is about a woman
  • female wisdom
  • A woman will probably be of great importance. She influences your actions as well as your inner life.
  • 3. Marriage
  • relationship
  • marriage and engagement
  • good friends
  • Your happiness in life can benefit from the exchange with other people. But this commits you, because others also have expectations.
  • 4. Date
  • date
  • socializing and conversations
  • professional appointment
  • The contact with other people can help you - or perhaps bring you joy. There may also be things that need to be clarified.
  • 5. Generous Gentleman
  • male role model
  • benevolent man
  • paternal support
  • A man may help you or encourage you achieving important goals.
  • 6. Generous Lady
  • female role model
  • benevolent woman
  • maternal care
  • A woman might help you out of trouble or give you support on your life path.
  • 7. Lovely Letter
  • good news
  • romantic words
  • situation gets better
  • You may receive some pleasant tidings. The whole situation could improve to your advantage.
  • 8. Cunning Snake
  • doublecrossing
  • teasing and intrigue
  • cheating on partner
  • Harmful ideas and lies threaten to influence your decisions. There is probably a certain person behind it - or it could be just you.
  • 9. Clockwork
  • change
  • something new begins
  • uncertainty and doubt
  • Changes are on the horizon. This can lead to uncertainty. You may even question your ability to cope with all the new things.
  • 10. Journey
  • evolution
  • unforgettable experiences
  • do something big
  • In the future you can grow and evolve. This has primarily to do with the challenges and the new experiences that lie ahead of you.
  • 11. Wealth
  • prosperity
  • sophisticated lifestyle
  • income and assets
  • Many thoughts and conversations might be about money or career in the next time. The focus is mainly on status and prosperity.
  • 12. Spoiled Girl
  • beauty
  • demanding person
  • high expectations
  • A great time is hopefully waiting for you. You can look forward to wonderful experiences and to being pampered.
  • 13. Prince Charming
  • useful contacts
  • generosity and altruism
  • good match
  • In the next time, you shouldn't let your connections remain unused. You may benefit from the support of an experienced and established person.
  • 14. Melancholy
  • sadness
  • painful truth
  • fear and anxiety
  • In future you are probably facing difficulties. Perhaps they are even already there, but have to enter your perception first. However, you can find a solution.
  • 15. Lovers
  • love and romance
  • pleasant partnership
  • happy ending
  • Something that is hanging in the balance could turn out the way you want it to. Especially if there are feelings involved.
  • 16. Secret Thoughts
  • great mysteries
  • ponder over something
  • understanding and compassion
  • In future, it might come down to being able of understanding or seeing through someone. Perhaps sympathy and gut feeling are necessary for this.
  • 17. Gift
  • make a present
  • receive something
  • unexpected event
  • A surprise is waiting in the next time. It may be pleasant, it may upset you or it may cause trouble.
  • 18. Child
  • inexperience
  • family and offspring
  • discover something new
  • New things are waiting to be explored. In unfamiliar situations, you might also behave a little childishly.
  • 19. Death
  • end
  • sad event
  • give up a habit
  • An end is near. This can lead to sadness. Perhaps the upcoming time also means the completion of a phase of life or the finalization of an important project.
  • 20. House
  • residence
  • safe conditions
  • protection and security
  • A stable foundation can give you security. You will probably need a place of retreat or long for more stability in life.
  • 21. Livingroom
  • private affairs
  • familiar company
  • personal freedom
  • In future, it might be a good idea to spend some time alone or in a small group. To reflect in peace or to find yourself again.
  • 22. Officer
  • discipline
  • self-control
  • stick to agreements
  • To get what you want, you may have to fight for your goal. It will probably also require a smart and organized approach.
  • 23. Court
  • judgment and punishment
  • conflicting interests
  • find compromises
  • A dispute is probably pending. Maybe it will cost you energy or money. Then it is particularly reasonable to find a fair balance.
  • 24. Theft
  • separation
  • something gets lost
  • imminent losses
  • Something that is important to you could be gone from one day to the next. It might even be stolen or taken away from you in an unfair way.
  • 25. High Status
  • reputation
  • exalted status
  • ranks and diplomas
  • Achievements are waiting for you. You can also earn the recognition of your peers and rise in their esteem.
  • 26. Happiness
  • positive mood
  • fortunate coincidences
  • obtain something effortlessly
  • Fate will probably be on your side in the next time. You can expect on a cheerful mood. Perhaps a few happy coincidences will also arise.
  • 27. Money
  • unexpected revenues
  • easy money
  • chances to win
  • The future may offer you opportunities to obtain money. Perhaps you won't even have to do much for it.
  • 28. Faith
  • beliefs
  • perseverance
  • not knowing for sure
  • In the next time you might expect something or be firmly convinced of something. This can do wonders and cause almost magical effects.
  • 29. Prison
  • lack of freedom
  • be stuck at a point
  • do something out of habit
  • Sooner or later you will come to a point where you are stuck and no progress is possible. You have to free yourself from that before you can move on.
  • 30. Superior
  • leadership
  • regulated coexistence
  • position and authority
  • You will find yourself in a complicated situation, one day. But the advice of people who know their field well can help you.
  • 31. Nightmare
  • uncomfortable position
  • small crisis
  • something is holding you back
  • Something might interfere with your progress. Also, an inconvenience is waiting. But it is likely to be temporary.
  • 32. Grief
  • envy
  • worry
  • misfortune and helplessness
  • Sooner or later, something will cause worry or discomfort. You may even have to face something unpleasant.
  • 33. Sinister Thoughts
  • unfounded fear
  • negative attitude to life
  • depression
  • Your view of the world threatens to become darker. Perhaps fears will also arise or you will lose some hope.
  • 34. Work
  • professional activity
  • create something
  • sustained efforts
  • To achieve something in the next time, you will probably have to do a lot for it. Willpower and endurance will be just as helpful as ideas and good planning.
  • 35. Long Road
  • planning the future
  • long term goal
  • time is running out
  • In order to reach a goal, you will still have a lot of ground to cover. Time pressure could come up.
  • 36. Hope
  • glimmer of hope
  • optimism and confidence
  • believe in the good
  • In future, you might be tempted to give up too soon. Then the moment has come to show courage and think positively.

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