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If only one knew some things before! Especially in matters of love, curiosity is usually insatiable. The love psychic offers help. She foretells the future romantic life.

Answering questions for a divination

First of all, you have to specify whether you are single or in a relationship. Afterwards, the love psychic asks a series of questions. Occasionally she also makes a comment, especially if she can already draw conclusions from the responses. But the actual divination appears when all questions have been answered.

What the love psychic wants to know from you:

  • 1. What do you expect from love?
  • a) excitement and heartthrob
  • b) feelings and romance
  • c) commitment and growth
  • d) fun and new experiences
  • 2. If you had a wish, it would be:
  • a) achieving great goal
  • b) more fun and variety
  • c) more money and success
  • d) more happy moments
  • 3. What do you like to improve about yourself?
  • a) more attractive appearance
  • b) more positive charisma
  • c) showing more feelings
  • d) finding better words
  • 4. What would you like to experience in a dream?
  • a) flying with cupid
  • b) falling in the fountain of youth
  • c) being ensnared and served
  • d) having butterflies in my stomach
  • 5. What is important to you in a relationship?
  • a) freedom
  • b) feelings
  • c) reliability
  • d) passion
  • 6. How should your partner be?
  • a) down-to-earth
  • b) zest for action
  • c) sympathy
  • d) intelligence
  • 7. My perfect dream partner is:
  • a) sentimental
  • b) successful
  • c) attractive
  • d) active
  • 8. When dealing with people you are good at:
  • a) motivating and enthusing
  • b) cheering up
  • c) finding useful solutions
  • d) calming down and easing
  • 9. What are you?
  • a) forthright
  • b) creative
  • c) ambitious
  • d) communicative
  • 10. What applies to you the most?
  • a) moodiness
  • b) testiness
  • c) laziness
  • d) unreliability
  • 11. You're particularly good for:
  • a) giggling and fooling around
  • b) doing something spontaneous
  • c) building a life
  • d) being happy
  • 12. What do you like best?
  • a) sensual pleasures
  • b) exciting moments
  • c) romantic rendezvous
  • d) cozy hours
  • 13. Which flowers do you like most?
  • 14. Where would you like to go for a romantic walk?
  • 15. What would you prefer to experience?

Fortune teller of love

Love life has always been of special interest to the divination and fortune telling. One reason is the great desire for information it causes. This can be about long-term life planning as well as the current situation. Sometimes the heart goes crazy or it suffers from insecurity.

Of course, feelings and love relationships are hard to predict, whether from psychics, card readers or a clairvoyant medium. But this basically applies to all events that lie in the future.

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