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How strong is the attraction between two people? The online love test with two names, a percentage value and an additional glimpse into the love future helps you finding answers.

At first, two names have to be typed in. This can be two partners in a relationship or two singles. Then the test starts and the allurement will be divined. After a little while, the calculator shows the percentage value, that reveals the intensity of the mutual attraction.

The next step is about the future emotions. A love barometer foretells, how the mood between both persons is about to be. Sunshine may wait, but also a changeable weather or a rainy day.

Does this love barometer really divine my future and the attraction?

The test is primarily a game. However, it tries fate, so there may be a reason, why a certain answer is shown. Like the weather, the future is always changing. Desires, wishes and feelings come and go, even they may stay, sometimes. And so are probably the results

Now start the Love Test - with names and percentage.