The tarot gives advice when it comes to deciding between yes and no. Choose between a clear reading with two cards or one with four cards, which provides more information.

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Yes No Tarot Title

Card Reading

Answers from the Yes or No Tarot

Tarot cards help with making decisions. Here it is about a clear yes or no. One or, if desired, several cards are drawn for each of the two options.

Interpretation of the result for clear solutions

The online reading here attempts to come a little closer to the desire for clear answers. If there is a question that can be answered with a "yes" or "no", you can ask the cards for advice on both alternatives.

It is advisable to first clearly realize what exactly you want to find out. Of course, you must be able to answer the question (at least in this reading system) with a "yes" or a "no". Then one card is drawn from the deck for each of the two options.

The interpretations are written in bullet points. They provide an overview or a suggestion how the results can be understood.

Need a clear answer?

The use proposed so far is aimed more at weighing things up and does not take any decisions. However, if this is exactly what you want, there is a little "trick". Just choose the alternative that seems more appealing, reasonable or obvious. This can be very easy under certain circumstances, for example if one answer is perceived very positively while the other seems a little strange. But as we all know, oracle advice doesn't always make it easy. If you can't make up your mind from your thoughts or your gut, but still want a clear solution, there is also a yes-no generator on this page. Although this does not make use of the wisdom of the tarot, its answers could hardly be clearer.

Meaning of the Yes No Tarot

What if the answer should not be too easy? You can also take a closer look at the reading and the meaning of the specific cards. In this online reading, only the key points are shown. This method encourages an intuitive understanding of the tarot and relies on this gut feeling to comprehend what the cards communicate. However, if someone wants to immerse deeper, it is advisable to spend a little more time with the interpretation of the drawn cards, be it by studying them or by using the personal tarot knowledge that has been gained over time.

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