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Look into a kaleidoscope to receive some optimistic beliefs. Plunge into the plays of colors selected by fate. Be passively inspired and work actively for your future.
The oracle shows a rotating kaleidoscope with an accordant affirmation. Internalizing it in the immediate present positively impacts the future's development by the power of your thoughts.

Future - determined by fate?

Opinions strongly diverge on this. Even persons with esoteric interests are not in agreement on this theme. Usually, a certain strength of providence is associated with a special star constellation and, for example, with the moment of birth. However, there is more or less consensus on whether our world is mainly influenced by decisions taken by the individual. The question here is, which factors have influenced those decisions? Which moods, fears, hopes or calculated intents have released corresponding actions? Is the future really hidden in a distant universe or can it be found within ourselves? And how can the future be guided from here on?

Active future interpretation

Similarly to a tarot card, which is drawn from a pack, or to a sequence of coin tosses by means of which an I-Ching hexagram is created, the kaleidoscope uses the decision of fortune for its divination. In contrast to the former methods, it shows a variety of colors and patterns. Combined with the visible presence of affirmation, it will support and intensify positive thinking - both on a conscious and on an unconscious level. But this, however, does not happen on its own.

Assuming that targets are achieved more easily in combination with an optimistic and success-oriented basic attitude, impacting the deepest part of yourself also helps to influence the future outside world. The future is created by thinking - and by feeling. The more an idea is armed with belief and joy, the more influence the idea has.

Find refuge in kaleidoscopes

The affirmations proposed are closely connected to the tonality of the appearing optics. But they do not necessarily need to be observed. How the oracle is used is in your own hands. It is a means to an end, to achieve the necessary consciousness for setting the course from here on. Even other characteristics can be associated with the patterns and colors. Priority is given to personal projects, desires and targets. The same is valid for auto suggestion, i.e. the instruction to the subconscious which helps to create deep-seated behaviors and attitudes.

It does not matter whether the kind of reflection has already been clear before or whether it is a spontaneous act. The kaleidoscope's oracle can support any process.

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