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Angelcards Wishes and Dreams Title

The angel cards reveal possible ways to our hopes and dreams. They look on small and big wishes, on what someone truly deserves and what might just fall in one‘s lap.

Draw five cards and get ideas, how you may get what you desire - or at least how you can foster it with the right attitude.

In ancient writings a divine mana is mentioned. This is a power used by angels. They cast their magic with it, protect against dangers and fulfill all kinds wishes. Big and small ones, important ones and such of no big relevance.

What the positions of the card reading can tell you:

  • 1. Present
  • What could be given to you by grace or benevolence, simply because you want it or because it would be good for you.
  • 2. Earning
  • What you honestly work for and deserve. To maintain that is only fair and righteous.
  • 3. Security
  • What can give your life more safety and stability. And what aims permanence and reliability.
  • 4. Joy
  • What makes you happy, at least for a while, and gives you pleasure, joy and elation.
  • 5. Big Wish
  • What you may want to have for a long time, what makes a real difference and is really worth a lot, whether material or emotional.

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