Mystical Happyend Title

Card Reading

How do I get lucky in love? How can I finally find my happy ending? Four tarot cards from a dimension of fairytales, sagas and myths show four ways to happiness. Every one of them has its advantages and dangers. However, the cards can give you various hints, how to reach the happy end you desire.

The positions of the reading and their meaning:

  • 1. Steady way

  • This path takes its time and needs patience. And you eventually arrive (too) late.
  • 2. Fast way

  • How your wish gets fulfilled very fast. However, instead of a happy end you might receive only a consolation gift.
  • 3. Risky way

  • You can win aplenty on this path, but you can also lose a lot. And maybe your mind gets fooled, so that you won't be able to estimate anything clearly.
  • 4. Safe way

  • You may risk nothing here and arrive in a safe harbor. Even though it is not necessarily the harbor you have dreamed of.
  • Tarot Interpretations - Happy End
  • 0 - Daimon
  • Enjoy life the way you like, as long as you are on the loose. But keep your promises, as soon as you have to tell the truth.
  • 1 - Magic
  • Magical abilities are worth beaucoup, when somebody special should be together with you.
  • 2 - Sorceress
  • If your heart does not know what to do, look into the future and you will get a clue.
  • 3 - Empress
  • Do you want to control your own life, don't solely listen to your heart, also listen to your mind.
  • 4 - Emperor
  • Love can also be about power and property. When you ignore that, you disregard a certainty.
  • 5 - Magus
  • With deceptions and illusions, you can find happiness very fast, but it might dissolve even faster in a blast.
  • 6 - Lovers
  • When cupid's arrow comes from above, it is time to fall in love.
  • 7 - Chariot
  • Driven by the glow of my heart, I fight for my happiness and for love.
  • 8 - Reality
  • Who wants to feel really happy connects romantic dreams with reality.
  • 9 - Solitude
  • What frees your heart from old luggage and illusions is introspection and seclusion.
  • 10 - Destiny
  • When a fairy grants you a romantic wish, think about the consequences and eventually relinquish.
  • 11 - Strength
  • Deep in you sleeps a raucous beast that only wants to saturate and to feast.
  • 12 - The Hanged
  • Amorousness can change every role and convince to give up control.
  • 13 - Death
  • When you have experienced time and its change, you know emotions and their range.
  • 14 - Temperance
  • When romance comes into your life, it brings you growth and new drive.
  • 15 - Devil
  • There are hurting things you should better forget, because amorous people sometimes act like obsessed.
  • 16 - Tower
  • If you want somebody to be just your slave, you do not love, you only crave.
  • 17 - Star
  • Even if there is no hope for your love, you still believe in the powers above.
  • 18 - Moon
  • Love is like an alchemistic potion. The recipe is useless, if you brew it without emotion.
  • 19 - Sun
  • With the help of a spell or a pray, I see my life in a positive way.
  • 20 - Aeon
  • Your feelings and commitments will only last, if you make progress and come clean with your past.
  • 21 - Universe
  • As long love is able to find a new beginning, it can last forever and conquer eternity.