Receive three messages from angel cards. Ask them about love or about life in general.

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Three Angel Messages Title

You have to select the topic at the beginning. Afterwards, six cards have to be drawn. They give a divination from the present and the future.

Where do the messages come from?

Basically, the predictions result from the effects of fate. This involves drawing the cards. Their interpretations come from the mystical ideas we have of the celestial messengers. In biblical writings, they help people, warn of dangers or teach necessary lessons. While thousands of years ago, angels occasionally had a punishing character, in our present culture they are portrayed above all as helpers.

What messages do I receive?

Here are some possible messages from a reading:

In general for all areas of life

An angel helps you turning your fantasies into reality, as long as you aspire lasting and reasonable solutions.

An angel helps you to think positive and to believe in your success, when you honor agreements and treat other people with respect.

An angel sharpens your mind and inspires you to great thoughts, if you take control and set the agenda.

An angel leads you to a prophecy of your future, when you learn new things and have good ideas.

For love

An angel fosters a benevolent and respectful togetherness, when you wake up to the fact, that love is more than the feelings between two people

An angel enhances your empathy and understanding for beloved people, as long as you not only listen to your heart, but also to your mind.

An angel makes romantic moments come true, if you are completely aware of who is the most important person in your life.

An angel enhances your attraction and your appeal, if you are able to create a very special charm.

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