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Are you looking for a brief glimpse into your future? The free online fortune teller can help you get impressions of things that might soon happen in your life.

Let this free digital soothsayer give you a prediction. So you might get an idea of affairs that could befall, impending risks or potential chances, for instance. Especially if you consider the statements as what they indeed are: an inspiring but cloudy augury and not an exact forecast, that should be taken word by word.

The myth of the online soothsayer

The soothsayer on the Psychic Crystal Ball is kind of an online medium. It is always present and ready to ask for your permission to endow you with information. There is no proof that fortune tellers are able to talk with beings from another world, or that they have a magic sight of things that are supposed to come. Besides that, such abilities are only explainable through parapsychological investigations. The beings which were already mentioned are said to travel through time and talk to the medium about what they see and what will happen. Nevertheless, such talking is not necessary in order to get in contact with esoteric energies. The only phenomena this way of divination needs is the stroke of fate, that chosses which is going to be divined.

A fortune teller game for free - how can that be?

The online crystal ball gazer is just the medium. You’re the one who is in charge. Or at least your subconsciousness. The help of ghosts, demons or other entities is not implicitly required.

This digital clairvoyant is describing its psychic impressions. Their source is nothing less than destiny. But as long as you don't fill those statements with life, inspiration and maybe your own gut feeling, they remain just phrases. The real prediction comes from your inner life, from the way you are construing what this oracle tells you. Augury is probably existing since mankind’s first religious steps. Interpretation always was an essential part of it.

Conceivably there’s a chance that love, money or even dangers are awaiting you in the future. But you have to forecast that more or less by yourself. In accordance with the philosophy of this site, and because most of the fortune telling has to be done by the questioners, this reading is free for every visitor.

See the future

Maybe you are able to see the future by yourself with the gift of clairvoyance. In that case, there is no immediate need to use the tarot cards or runes, for example - even these utilities are said to be very helpful. However, with the help of the Psychic Crystal Ball, you can also try to get your glimpse into the future. Find out what destiny holds in store for you. Place your questions.

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