Use an unusual Witchboard online to connect with the supernatural or, perhaps, to go beyond making connections. The talking-board presented here can answer questions. There are various response options used by the board. These answers are determined by a floating planchette, which moves around the witchboard and finally reveals an answer. This planchette is moved by the forces of fate.

Using an witch board

To receive a response from the witchboard, the planchette must first be set in motion. This happens at your fingertips. Then, the planchette hovers over the board, decides, and moves to one of the possible answers on the witch board.

  • First, you have to concentrate on a question.
  • The witch board will answer “yes,” “no,” or “maybe.” This answer should not be taken as an absolute, but as a possibility.

Otherworldly contacts with a Talking-Board

It doesn’t always have to be a midnight séance. The Witch Board is both a digital and esoteric tool to connect with the supernatural and otherworldly. It connects with those beyond the sphere of the living. But there is something else: the harnessing of one’s subconscious mind. This method of divination is a centuries-old tradition comparable to tarot or rune-casting.

In some cases, a witch board will be expected to do a little more than help in decisions or assisting with contacting your own subconscious mind. In this case, the goal is often contacting the dead or powerful beings from another sphere, usually to ask a favor or propose a deal. For this, of course, the belief in ghosts or similar entities is required. If they exist, the desire to communicate with you must also be there. The planchette, which will move across the witch board and select an answer as if by chance, is the tool which allows any such communication to take place. However, because the planchette is moved by the forces of fate, the answer could come from otherworldly beings or somewhere else than the desired target. Overall, this talking-board should be seen more as a divination tool and less an otherworldly contact method.

Asking the witch board - belief in ghosts?

Sometimes a witch board is expected to do a little more than just help with decisions or to make contact with one's subconscious. It doesn't matter if the bewitched board is used online or if it's right in front of you. The goal is often the contact the dead or helpful beings from another dimension, in order to ask them for a favor or to propose a deal.

Of course the astral beings, assuming they actually exist, must also want to communicate with one. This is done with the help of the glas, which glides over the ouija board and finally comes to rest. Here this happens by chance. But just because it is a digital fate, it is by no means impossible that extra-worldly powers may influence this fate.

Ethereal Beings

Which magical beings actually inhabit this hidden astral world, which is repeatedly mentioned in esoteric writings or ancient religions? Here is a list that makes no claim to completeness. Such a claim would also be somewhat foolish, since one approaches this world primarily through assumptions and with the help of a flourishing imagination. It would be difficult to proceed like a dictionary of animals, although the writer and consciousness researcher Aldous Huxley has compared the depths of the human mind to a jungle inhabited by the most diverse creatures.

Nature Spirits

They live in nature and can be compared to one of the four elements in terms of their traits and characteristics. At least this applies to elemental spirits. They are not human and might be at home in the otherworld as well as in the here and now. Some of them are intelligent, while others only act like an accumulation of impulsive movements and emotions.

Ghosts of Deceased

They once lived as humans on this planet. Death has caused them to exist in an astral body in a world beyond - and perhaps sometimes in this world. But it is difficult to tell whether what we perceive of them are really human souls or only their echoes.


They don't necessarily have to be evil, but they don't obey any divine law either. Demons are often portrayed as very selfish and power-hungry, as extremely pleasure-seeking and sometimes even as sadistic. They are ascended powerful spirits or fallen angels. They may inhabit the astral world, but they can also possess humans and thus operate in this world.


They are pure and part of the good. They try to help and protect other beings. They are not aware of the suffering from their own experience, but they reduce it wherever possible. Some angels show people the way and guide them to their higher self. Others protect and serve that part of the ethereal world which is described by religions as heaven or paradise.


They rule the astral sphere, or at least parts of it. Of course, they are not the one God, but rather very powerful entities that have the status of a deity. They are ascended spirits or purified demons, who got their power partly only by the fact that humans gave them energy by believing in them. There are exist even nightmarish stories from early ancient times, where humans can become a deity at the end of a cruel ritual, when they finally step into the afterlife through death.

The astral creatures listed here are a model based on mysticism and magic. They arise from a spiritual world view. It does not have to mean that they really exist with the described qualities and in exactly this classification. You can see it is a guide that is strongly influenced by our culture. This includes old religions, works of art from all epochs as well as fantastic stories of all kinds and forms of representation.

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