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Online Oracle Reading

Use an unusual Witchboard online to connect with the supernatural or, perhaps, to go beyond making connections. The talking-board presented here can answer questions. There are various response options used by the board. These answers are determined by a floating planchette, which moves around the witchboard and finally reveals an answer. This planchette is moved by the forces of fate.

Using an witch board

To receive a response from the witchboard, the planchette must first be set in motion. This happens at your fingertips. Then, the planchette hovers over the board, decides, and moves to one of the possible answers on the witch board.

As possible answers are given in this second questioning, there are four symbols which represent the four elements. From the respective element, there can be read-out actions or mental attitudes that the question asked could benefit.

Otherworldly contacts with a Talking-Board

It doesn’t always have to be a midnight séance. The Witch Board is both a digital and esoteric tool to connect with the supernatural and otherworldly. It connects with those beyond the sphere of the living. But there is something else: the harnessing of one’s subconscious mind. This method of divination is a centuries-old tradition comparable to tarot or rune-casting.

In some cases, a witch board will be expected to do a little more than help in decisions or assisting with contacting your own subconscious mind. In this case, the goal is often contacting the dead or powerful beings from another sphere, usually to ask a favor or propose a deal. For this, of course, the belief in ghosts or similar entities is required. If they exist, the desire to communicate with you must also be there. The planchette, which will move across the witch board and select an answer as if by chance, is the tool which allows any such communication to take place. However, because the planchette is moved by the forces of fate, the answer could come from otherworldly beings or somewhere else than the desired target. Overall, this talking-board should be seen more as a divination tool and less an otherworldly contact method.

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