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Spellbound readings with five witch cards - according to the angles of a pentagram.
Please touch the cards to start the reading.
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The coven of the psychic crystal ball as a card deck. This witch cards find enthralled answers to questions and give suggestions for the magical development of the free and individual personality.

The readings (except the first one) are arranged according to a pentagram. Each position is associated with a certain element.

The following can be chosen:

Ensorcelled Enneagram

The multifold witch-personalities on the cards have their source in the enneagram, a structure with nine angles. It is the basis for the classification of personalities in character types, here.

Each of the nine angles stands for a certain type. Each type has three natures, depending on the individual maturity and development. As a result we have 27 witch cards.

The number of three determines the structure of the deck. It is said to be a sorcerous number and the result of the power risen from both opposite poles of the two, as a manifestation of pure magic.

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