A witch coven as a deck of cards. Receive divinations and invoke your magical powers.

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Witchcards Title

Card Reading

The coven of the psychic crystal ball as a card deck. This witch cards find enthralled answers to questions and give suggestions for the magical development of the free and individual personality.

The readings (except the first one) are arranged according to a pentagram. Each position is associated with a certain element.

  • 1. earth
  • 2. fire
  • 3. water
  • 4. air
  • 5. ether

The following can be chosen:

One Card

Free and intuitive divination.

Advice of the Witches

How can I foster my self-actualization and reach my goals?

1. Brings me riches

Attitudes that support the increase of my income, wealth and assets.

2. Supports my success

Persons or things, that help me to get what I want.

3. Gives me love

Whereby my heart stays or gets happy.

4. Shows me knowledge

How I find out the truth and get new insights.

5. Teaches me magic

What unleashes my psychic abilities.

Five Sins

This snares or "sins" impede my development and keep me from reaching my targets. I can draw aside or fight them.

1. Makes me inert.

The obstacles, difficulties and adversities of the material world. They slow down, cost strength and cause tiredness.

2. Stokes my rage.

Emotional traps, which unleash energies - just to deflagrate them senselessly..

3. Causes confusion.

This can becloud my judgment or snatch my mind.

4. Brings discomposure.

This makes me fickle, capricious and destroys my inner peace..

5. Makes me withdrawn.

This lets me drift away into engrossed worlds I create.

Evoking Witchcraft

This enchanting personalities can show me the way to magical power. Even if a few of them just represent a lower level of development, they can still teach me something unique, that leads me to mystical fulfillment.

1. How I have to act

2 . What I should want

3. What I shall hope

4. What I have to plan

5. What I must conjure

Prophecy of the Future

This prediction distinguishes between five fundamental areas of life, according to the five angles of a pentagram.

1. Career and money

2. Ego and desires

3. Love and romance

4. Fun and Freedom

5. Growth and magic

Ensorcelled Enneagram

The multifold witch-personalities on the cards have their source in the enneagram, a structure with nine angles. It is the basis for the classification of personalities in character types, here.

Each of the nine angles stands for a certain type. Each type has three natures, depending on the individual maturity and development. As a result we have 27 witch cards.

The number of three determines the structure of the deck. It is said to be a sorcerous number and the result of the power risen from both opposite poles of the two, as a manifestation of pure magic.

  • Witchcards - Interpretations for the day
  • 1 - The Sibyl
  • Today you will be able to look into the future and see things clearly. Mysterious inspirations strengthen your judgement and sharpen your perception.
  • 2 - The Admonisher
  • On this day, doubts and warnings could slow down or even ruin your plans. But perhaps there is a reason for this, and you should reflect on something.
  • 3 - The Quarreler
  • A belligerent mood could dominate the upcoming time. This risks burning bridges and straining relationships. But perhaps something overdue can be settled.
  • 4 - The Healer
  • Something will be fixed, today. Someone is probably giving you support and is doing you some good. Or maybe you help yourself.
  • 5 - The Witch Mother
  • In the near future, patience and understanding seem to be necessary to achieve something. Especially when it comes to communicating something to others or convincing them of something.
  • 6 - The Stepmother
  • Soon, someone will try to have an influence on you, while giving little thought to your interests. But perhaps you have no choice but to deal with it in some way.
  • 7 - The Rich
  • Today you can create success and prosperity with your thoughts and your abilities. And probably, after a certain period of time, it will also manifest in physical reality.
  • 8 - The Merchant
  • On this day, agreements can be reached and realistic plans implemented. The focus lies on exchange and cooperation with other people.
  • 9 - The Thief
  • Interests are enforced at all costs, even if someone suffers the disadvantages. Greed and elbow mentality might also play a role, soon.
  • 10 - The Artiste
  • Original ideas and intense inspiration let you create unique things. Your creativity reaches new heights and helps you to fulfil yourself.
  • 11 - The Belle
  • The external impression probably plays a big role on this day. You have a particularly good eye for beauty and style. But perhaps one should be cautious of too much superficiality.
  • 12 - The Bereaved
  • Melancholy and a dark mood threaten to prevent a positive attitude in life. This can come from external events, but also from an undefined weltschmerz.
  • 13 - The Mahatma
  • A wise spirit and prudent behaviour will guide you, today. You can benefit from your experience and find intelligent solutions to problems.
  • 14 - The Hermetic Intellectual
  • Not everything is what it seems, right now. But when you recognize hidden connections and look behind the scenes, you see the truth behind the obvious.
  • 15 - The Hermit
  • Soon a strong need for peace and quiet may arise. Perhaps you should slow everything down for a while and spend some time alone.
  • 16 - The Conqueror
  • Today, you probably have to fight for your interests, if you don't like to be dominated. Or maybe you have to accept the fact, that someone else is gaining the upper hand, and that you can't do anything about it.
  • 17 - The Coadjutor
  • You have responsibilities and need to subordinate yourself to something bigger. On this day, duties await you. Even if those obligations may involve achieving your personal goals.
  • 18 - The Servant
  • An this day there are certain things waiting for you, that are not pleasant, but need to be done. If you can't find someone to do it for you, you'll have no choice but to do it yourself.
  • 19 - The Destined
  • Today you will feel chosen and unique. This can quickly lead to arrogance and create false ideas. But perhaps you will also discover your divine roots.
  • 20 - The Inamorata
  • This day is dedicated to love. Romantic adventures and deep affection are waiting for you. At least you might get a little closer to all that.
  • 21 - The Vicious
  • Ruthless desires may soon be affecting your thoughts and actions. Should you give in to them, beautiful moments may wait, but chaos and decline could also occur.
  • 22 - The Hecate
  • In the near future, self confidence and steadiness are needed. It is not just about you. Maybe others will expect you to be there for them, as well.
  • 23 - The Usurper
  • Very soon you have to compete for desirable things. It is about influence and prestige. The present situation will be called into question. And you either attack or defend yourself.
  • 24 - The Don
  • Today, the rules are not always followed. To do what you want, you have to go to the limit. But maybe you are the person being bullied by someone who thinks everything is allowed.
  • 25 - The Emissary
  • This day is probably dedicated to peace and harmony. Disputes and tensions should be avoided. On the other hand, it might be worthwhile to make peace and come closer together.
  • 26 - The Follower
  • In the near future it can be beneficial to adapt and to be open for different ways of thinking. At the same time, the cards may reccomend not to follow the mainstream too much.
  • 27 - The Zealot
  • Extreme thoughts and destructive behavior might have an unwanted influence on you. They are either directed at you or they come from you.
  • 28 - The Earth Witch
  • The powers of nature are waiting to be absorbed and used by you today. Perhaps you should also pay attention to your recreation.
  • 29 - The Water Witch
  • On this day you should not worry too much and enjoy life instead. Just let yourself go without purpose or motives. As a reward, feelings of well-being and unforgettable moments may await you.
  • 30 - The Fire Witch
  • Strong energies might show their effect today. This stimulates the zest for action and the motivation to achieve goals. There might also emerge a desire to assert oneself against others, in competitions, discussions or disputes.
  • 31 - The Air Witch
  • On this day your ability to think and your expertise is, what counts. In order to fully develop these abilities, you may need space to think without constraints or restrictions.
  • 32 - The Etheric Witch
  • Your consciousness is now open for new impressions and experiences. With the help of your imagination you can break through all limitations and make the impossible become reality.
  • 33 - The Transcendental Witch
  • Today is a good day to relax body and soul. Maybe you will get the chance to meditate a little and become aware of your environment. Regardless of this, it might be necessary to concentrate carefully on something.
  • 34 - The Illuminated One
  • Today you can benefit from high energy reserves. Perhaps some enlightening moments await you. Maybe you also have the feeling that you are sitting on the top of the world and can reach every goal with the power of your thoughts.

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