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A love oracle with five witch cards. Readings for singles and relationships.
Please touch the cards to start the reading.
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Witch cards have answers for your heart. This special love oracle uses five cards in most of its readings.

  • One Card

  • For spontaneous answers and emotional inspiration.
  • Relationship Oracle

  • Take a look on your partnership and receive an augury.
  • 1. The relationship
  • 2. Me
  • 3. My partner
  • 4. Advice
  • 5. Future
  • Foresight for the Heart

  • Each card describes another emotional sector, that can be significant for your love life.
  • 1. Romance and fascination
  • I can expect this, when it comes to heartthrob, desire, adventures and exciting moments.
  • 2. Joy and fun
  • This is on the horizon, when it comes to amusement, pleasure and beautiful feelings.
  • Stability and security
  • This card takes a look at the dependability of the partner and the whole relationship. It is also about the own circumstances and a reliable social environment, if you are single.
  • Bond and happiness
  • How strong are the future feelings going to be? Can I look forward to touching affection and wholehearted relatedness?
  • True love
  • The purest and deepest heartstrings. Something one might search a whole life. And there is no guarantee for finding it.
  • Power of the Elements

  • How I can benefit from the magic of the five elements in my love life.
  • 1. Gives pleasure (water)
  • For more happiness, positive feelings and joy.
  • 2. Enforces freedom (air)
  • How I can have more fun with my better half or how flirting with new acquaintances may turn more successful.
  • 3. Arouses passion (fire)
  • This sparks my courage and brings a new drive. It ignites the fervor and shows me how I can win the affection of someone special.
  • 4. Fulfills love wish (earth)
  • How my romantic pipe dreams may come true in real world.
  • 5. Leads to higher level (ether)
  • For my emotional development and growth.
  • Love Witchery

  • How I can win the heart of my dream partner with sorcery and magic.
  • 1. This is me
  • 2. This spell is for me
  • What I should suggest to my mind.
  • 3. This is my dream partner
  • 4. This spell is for my crush
  • How I should influence him or her.
  • 5. Evocation of cupid
  • This brings higher powers to rather fulfill my hopes and desires.

Now start the Charmed Love Oracle.