Witch Card for the Day - Titel

How does witchcraft influence this day? Draw a card and foresee possible developments.
Please touch the cards to start the reading.

Witch Card for the Day

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Witch Card for the Day

Forebodings, dark evocations, white magic. What kind of witchery takes it's effects, right now? Draw a card and get a divination for this day.

  • Witch Card Interpretations for the day
  • Maria Prophetissa - The Sibyl
  • Today you have an open eye for the future and you may foresee everything clear. Mystical suggestions strengthen your judgment and sharpen your gaze.
  • Hortatoria - The Admonisher
  • Doubts and warnings threaten to slowdown or foil your projects. However, they have probably a reason and you might want to reconsider something.
  • Litigara - The Quarreler
  • A belligerent atmosphere is about to affect the upcoming time. This holds the risk of burned bridges and burdened relationships. But maybe something controversial can be clarified.
  • Medica - The Healer
  • Something will be fixed, today. Or somebody might help you with an issue. But maybe you are this person and have to find a way to support yourself - or others.
  • Materna Venefica - The Witch Mother
  • Patience and sympathy will be essential for achieving something in the very next time. Especially if you want to communicate or convey something to somebody.
  • Noverca - The Stepmother
  • Somebody may try to influence you, soon, and this without considering your interests appropriately. But maybe there is no other way.
  • Patriarcha - The Rich
  • You are able to create wealth and success with your mind, on this day. And it will appear in the material world after a certain time - in one way or another.
  • Mercatura - The Merchant
  • Agreements can be settled and realistic plans can be implemented. Exchange and cooperation are in the focus, right now.
  • Fraudulenta - The Thief
  • Interests will be asserted at any cost, even if someone stays left empty-handed. Greed and ruthlessness may also play a role, very soon.
  • Artifexia - The Artiste
  • Original ideas and deep inspiration enable you to create extraordinary things. Your ingenuity excels itself and helps you to do your own thing, in the next time.
  • Veneforma - The Belle
  • Your look and the impression you make should play an important role, on this day. You have an eye for beauty and style. But maybe this card just cautions you about being too superficial.
  • Maerea - The Bereaved
  • Dejection and bad mood might come up and prevent a positive attitude to life. The reason can be exterior incidents, but also a vague weltschmerz.
  • Sapientia - The Mahatma
  • A wise attitude and a farseeing behavior may help you on, today. You can benefit from your experience and find prudent solutions for problems.
  • Erudita Occulta - The Hermetic Intellectual
  • At the moment, not everything is what it appears to be. But when you distinguish higher connections and look behind the scenes, you may see the truth behind the obvious.
  • Eremita - The Recluse
  • A need for peace and quiet is about to emerge. Maybe you should decelerate your life for a while and spend some time alone with your own thoughts.
  • Victricia - The Conqueror
  • You have to fight for your interests, if you don't want others to decide over your head. But maybe you have to deal with the fact, that someone else has the upper hand, right now.
  • Ministra - The Coadjutor
  • You bear responsibility and have to subordinate yourself to something bigger. Duties are waiting, on this day. Although this duties can also be comprised of reaching your personal targets.
  • Ancilla - The Servant
  • Various things are on hold, yet. They are supposable not attractive, but they have to be accomplished. If you don't find someone to handle them, you have to do it by yourself.
  • Destina - The Illuminated
  • Today, you will probably feel chosen and unique. This can turn into arrogance and stroke misconceptions, very fast. But maybe you are really going to explore your divine roots.
  • Amata - The Paramour
  • This day stands under the spell of love. Romantic adventures, heartthrob and deep connectivity are waiting. At least you can come closer to all of that.
  • Vitiosa - The Vicious
  • Anarchic desires are going to rule your thoughts and actions. If you give in to them, wonderful moments might wait for you, but there is also a risk of chaos and downfall.
  • Veneaugusta - The Hecate
  • In the near future, self-confidence and stableness will be in great demand. Others may rely on you and expect, that you are the strong shoulder they need.
  • Pelleregina - The Usurper
  • You have to compete for desirable things, soon. This challenge is also about influence and reputation. The current situation might be questioned. And you are either the assailant or the apologist.
  • Regina Scelestia - The Don
  • Not everything is played by the book, today. To do what you want, you have to go to the limits. Maybe you will be under the pressure of someone, who thinks he (or she) can get away with everything.
  • Legata - The Emissary
  • This day stands under the sign of peace and harmony. Dispute and tensions should be avoided. Instead, it would be better to reconcile and to be attuned to each other.
  • Obsequensia - The Follower
  • It can be wise to assimilate and have an open mind for other ways of thinking. But the cards are warning of swimming with the tide, as well. Today might turn into a tightrope walk.
  • Venefuria - The Zealot
  • Extreme thoughts and destructive behavior threaten to have an objectionable influence on you. They can come from other people or maybe even from yourself.

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