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Four love tarot gives an outlook at the future of your heart.
Please touch the cards to start the reading.

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What has cupid in store for me? Draw four love tarot cards and get a multifarious picture of a possible future.

  • 1. What is probably about to come

  • Attitudes, influences, actions, incidents.
  • 2. What is unlikely

  • ... but still possible.
  • 3. Short term view

  • The next days or weeks
  • 4. Long term prospects

  • The next months, years or maybe even the decades.
  • Interpretations for Future Love Tarot Readings
  • 0 - Fool
  • You will gain new experience in your love life, develop further and grow.
  • 1 - Magician
  • Hidden powers can help you to get what your heart desires. The next time may turn out to be magic.
  • 2 - High Priestess
  • You will gain a better understanding of feelings - your own and those of others. Thus you may see new possibilities.
  • 3 - Empress
  • You will probably find happiness in everyday life and being together with beloved people.
  • 4 - Emperor
  • The next time might increasingly be about personal power - and about getting your way in emotional matters.
  • 5 - Hierophant
  • A solid faith in the higher purpose of love should bring you great fulfillment.
  • 6 - Lovers
  • A magnetic affection might help you to come closer to someone special and enjoy romantic moments.
  • 7 - Chariot
  • It may be beneficial for your heart to show courage and adventurousness, in the next time.
  • 8 - Justice
  • Soon, it might be essential what your heart actually can get - and not only what it is pipe dreaming of.
  • 9 - Hermit
  • In future, you may find your emotional happiness in your inside, as well as guidance and answers.
  • 10 - Fortune
  • Fate seems to be on your side. Higher powers want your heart to be happy.
  • 11 - Strength
  • Passion and strong desires will probably make your heart beat faster.
  • 12 - Hanged
  • In the upcoming time, a lot of things will be about control and how to execute it - or about getting controlled.
  • 13 - Death
  • Something will change, maybe even radically. This can be the relationship, the own attitude or even the personality.
  • 14 - Temperance
  • It might be essential to find compromises or to strike the right note, soon.
  • 15 - Devil
  • You might get ensnared, sooner or later. And it does not matter, if you want that right now, or not.
  • 16 - Tower
  • Your freedom may get affected. This can be on your partner or on the expectations of strangers.
  • 17 - Star
  • Your heart will probably have unrealizable desires. This can cause frustration, but it might also lead to happiness.
  • 18 - Moon
  • Subconscious feelings and desires may push to the surface, soon. Your love life can get a bit confusing.
  • 19 - Sun
  • You will probably get answers and evaluate your situation or your partnership new.
  • 20 - Judgement
  • In future, you should be exempt of something that bedevils you or that prevents your romantic evolution.
  • 21 - World
  • Your love life might bring you experiences, that lead to emotional maturity.

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