Unveil the mysteries of your future love life with a free tarot spread. Learn about new relationships, emotional growth, and more. Don't wait, find out now!

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Lovetarot Future Reading Title
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Receive a free tarot reading for the future of the heart. Learn what is coming and what not, what is imminent and what still needs its time. How will my future love life be like?

Discover the feelings of the upcoming time. Is there a phase of life waiting that will bring me new experiences and emotional growth? Will my heart soon beat faster? Or is there a threat of sorrow and conflict?

The love tarot gives a glimpse into the future and describes possible developments. It can show opportunities, warn of wrong decisions or draw attention to our own mistakes

For a free prediction, four cards have to be drawn, which take different perspectives on events or phases of life to come.

1. What is likely?

Something that is expected to happen from the point of view of the love tarot is shown here.

2. What is unlikely?

This is rather not to be expected. The position points to something that should neither be hoped for nor feared, but nevertheless plays a role. Perhaps as a subliminal dread or secret dream.

3. Short-term view

The days or weeks ahead. Moods, events, possibilities.

4. Long-term view

Depending on the exact question, feelings, and thoughts, this can be something that will play a role in a few months at the earliest or even apply to the rest of your life. It could be a personal development goal pointed out or a long-awaited desire that will hopefully someday become reality.

Experience the power of the love tarot spread and how it can help guide you through new relationships and future love life events.

  • Interpretations for Future Love Tarot Readings
  • 0 - Fool
  • You will gain new experience in your love life, develop further and grow.
  • 1 Magician
  • Hidden powers can help you to get what your heart desires. The next time may turn out to be magic.
  • 2 Seer
  • You will gain a better understanding of feelings - your own and those of others. Thus you may see new possibilities.
  • 3 Mistress
  • You will probably find happiness in everyday life and being together with beloved people.
  • 4 Patriarch
  • The next time might increasingly be about personal power - and about getting your way in emotional matters.
  • 5 Counselor
  • A solid faith in the higher purpose of love should bring you great fulfillment.
  • 6 Lovers
  • A magnetic affection might help you to come closer to someone special and enjoy romantic moments.
  • 7 Chariot
  • It may be beneficial for your heart to show courage and adventurousness, in the next time.
  • 8 Harmony
  • Soon, it might be essential what your heart actually can get - and not only what it is pipe dreaming of.
  • 9 Introspection
  • In future, you may find your emotional happiness in your inside, as well as guidance and answers.
  • 10 Destiny
  • Fate seems to be on your side. Higher powers want your heart to be happy.
  • 11 Passion
  • Passion and strong desires will probably make your heart beat faster.
  • 12 Dependence
  • In the upcoming time, a lot of things will be about control and how to execute it - or about getting controlled.
  • 13 Death
  • Something will change, maybe even radically. This can be the relationship, the own attitude or even the personality.
  • 14 Art
  • It might be essential to find compromises or to strike the right note, soon.
  • 15 Devils
  • You might get ensnared, sooner or later. And it does not matter, if you want that right now, or not.
  • 16 Tower
  • Your freedom may get affected. This can be on your partner or on the expectations of strangers.
  • 17 Star
  • Your heart will probably have unrealizable desires. This can cause frustration, but it might also lead to happiness.
  • 18 Moon
  • Subconscious feelings and desires may push to the surface, soon. Your love life can get a bit confusing.
  • 19 Sun
  • You will probably get answers and evaluate your situation or your partnership new.
  • 20 Awakening
  • In future, you should be exempt of something that bedevils you or that prevents your romantic evolution.
  • 21 Earth
  • Your love life might bring you experiences, that lead to emotional maturity.
  • 22 Princess of Gold
  • Everyday life and earthly reality may have a great influence on your love life.
  • 23 Prince of Gold
  • You will gain important experiences and maybe also be able to enjoy some of your dreams in reality.
  • 24 Queen of Gold
  • Your senses may be seduced and you might enjoy the beauty of this world.
  • 25 King of Gold
  • If your heart desires something, you'll probably get it. And no one should be able to take it away from you again.
  • 26 Princess of Depth
  • Your heart will be attracted especially to beauty, to good taste and to success.
  • 27 Prince of Depth
  • Beautiful words and romantic dreams may set your feelings in motion.
  • 28 Queen of Depth
  • You may be able to find true and pure love. In your partner as well as in your inner being.
  • 29 King of Depth
  • The future holds love and beautiful moments in store for you. All you have to do is want it and let it happen.
  • 30 Princess of Fire
  • You become aware of your attractiveness and your value. Maybe someone will even court you.
  • 31 Prince of Fire
  • A stormy time is probably coming. But if you want the impossible, you could end up empty-handed.
  • 32 Queen of Fire
  • Your heart is dealing with strong contrasts. But if you unite them harmoniously, wishes might come true.
  • 33 King of Fire
  • Your ego and your desires could become more important in the future and receive more and more attention.
  • 34 Princess of Mind
  • You may see more and more ways to make your heart happy and feel love.
  • 35 Prince of Mind
  • In the future you will need personal freedom - at least on a mental level and in your imagination.
  • 36 Queen of Mind
  • In the time to come you may think a lot about love and the future. At the same time you might start dreaming.
  • 37 King of Mind
  • A decision is imminent. But first you should know what your heart really wants - and if it can get this.

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